The Intern Review

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 11.30.01 PM  The Intern is like that kid that has passing grades but doesn’t really contribute anything to the class. A nice film to catch on cable that has a really heartfelt performance by De Niro, he’s not phoning it in, what. The Intern is simply a sweet, cliched, fluffy, heartfelt film that isn’t good, but isn’t bad. Predictable, yes, but it’s done in an okay manner it doesn’t hurt or improve the film. Everyone’s good in the movie, and there’s a really good sequence between De Niro and his colleagues as they try to recover something Hathaway mis-placed, but that’s about the whole film, nice moments with De Niro and his colleagues. And, the ending, the whole Hathaway and husband sub-plot feels shoe-horned in, but its simply a cute film to accompany your mom to in the end, leading me to rank it at a 48 out of 100.

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