Shallow Grave Review

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 8.32.21 PM        Danny Boyle’s directorial debut is a maddening character study like no other. Stylish and full of unpredictable swerves in the storyline, Shallow Grave proves to be a really entertaining directorial debut that showcases the talent of Eccleston, Fox, and McGregor before two of them became glorified sci-fi characters. Containing a really vivid color design and energetic direction to it, Shallow Grave is an unpredictable film that admittedly, is tonally conflictive but for some reason still awesome and in my opinion underrated. Great performances, a great script, and great direction are what make this film such a satisfying watch, placing these accented flatmates in such a specific, horrid yet  good position and watching everything unfold the way it should is genius. Honestly, its much more surprising during the first watch and as cool as the finale is it isn’t the same watching unfold if you already know what’ll occur, leading me to rank this somewhat lower than I initially planned than before I sat down to watch Shallow Grave. Don’t get me wrong, Shallow Grave is still en energetic wild-ride through this incredible storyline that contains some tone inconsistencies, but due to such stupendous performances and such great direction, this film deserves to be ranked at an 87 out of 100.

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