The Martian Review

Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 8.56.29 PM
Ridley Scott is back! The Martian is a fantastic film that celebrates human spirit. Instead of going dark and depressing while documenting the solitude of man, it portrays the most optimistic character as his whole life collapses around him. I won’t even mention how beautiful the film looks, because that goes without saying when talking about Sir Ridley Scott. Alongside Scott, this is also the best work Matt Damon has done in years, but unlike many films that portray the isolation of man, this film is actually an incredible ensemble that goes back and forth between Damon on Mars, the crew on their spaceship, and everything that goes on at NASA, and everyone involved brings their A-game. Then something unexpected, is how funny this film is, how hilarious Goddard’s screenplay is combined with the way Damon portrays his character. The Martian is a stellar film that rightfully deserves a 92 out of 100.

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