Ricki and the Flash Review

Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 1.46.17 PM

I went to go watch Ricki and the Flash yesterday, came back a bit late and decided to sleep on it, upon waking up I decided I felt the same way about it and that it’s a film I’ll probably never watch again. Sure, it’s got Streep and she’s really good as always, nice writing by Cody, but apart from that it just falls flat. Actually, Streep’s daughter is fine, playing Streep’s daughter, but Ricki and the Flash is so predictable and paced in such a weird way that even though its got fine performances, it isn’t good. I will ultimately describe this film as the perfect vehicle for Streep devotees and your grandma/mom. I’ll keep this short, Ricki and the Flash is a bland, oddly paced film that will get a 38 out of a 100 from me and a really high grade from your mom when she calls you about this great Meryl Streep movie she watched over the weekend.

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