Palo Alto Review

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 10.18.23 PM               So I see Palo Alto as a sample of Gia Coppola’s future film career,  like a promissory note that great things are coming. First of all I have to mention that the performances that she managed to pull out of these individuals are great considering her age and experience, sort of like a Xavier Dolan situation with Mommy.  This film really showcases Emma Roberts’s and Jack Kilmer’s talents, Nat Wolff plays a really different version of what we see in Paper Towns, James Franco does a really subdued character which really resonated with me upon a second viewing, but Roberts and Kilmer really steal the show. The film looks really good, it tonally makes sense, and serves as a really nice teenager character study, it certainly accomplishes what the book was trying to go for even though it does become a bit too raw at times. But in the end, Palo Alto is a directorial debut that needs some refining even though it still shows promise in Coppola’s  future. Better than the book, looks good, a bit too long and slow, great subtle performances (except for Wolff who plays and eccentric, bothersome creature quite well), fine character developments with some of the characters, whilst others don’t work as well, and in the end I’ll rank this film two points under Dredd at a 74 out of 100.

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