Dredd Review

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 10.00.52 PM      Dredd is one of those film’s I expected nothing from and fell in love with after five minutes of viewing. Written by Ex Machina director, Alex Garland, Dredd is a really fun, violent action film that more people should watch. Honestly, the trailers looked terrible it had the over-played hero gets stuck in building, has to work his way to the top and kill the baddie plot, but thanks to great action direction by Pete Travis, a really well established futuristic dystopia, and a great performance from Karl Urban where you don’t see his face the whole movie, Dredd serves as a really cool hour and fifty minutes of awesomeness. As I mentioned before Karl Urban is great, Olivia Thirby is pretty awesome as a telekentic police enforcer, Lena Heady is a nice addition as the villain, quite despicable (works for the film), but not brilliant, and we Domhnall Gleeson has a small role in it which is always nice. So back to gritty, gory, hyper-violent explosive slaughterhouse type action we see in this film, just incredible, Dredd’s array of weapon’s make for some really cool kills, slow-mo drug works perfectly for the story and the action scenes, the action is handled really well. In the end, Dredd is a really cool action film to kill time and I shall rank it at a 76 out of 100.

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