She’s Funny That Way Review

Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 10.44.48 PM  Peter Bogdanovich’s latest, produced by Baumbach and Anderson, is a film I did not dislike, but I can still identify its flaws. Imogen Poots truly carries this inter-woven film on her shoulders, from scene one to the last, she’s cool in it, but the people around her are do feel like caricatures of themselves, sure, you could say its playing off its meta humor at times, but it ends up feeling obnoxious many times throughout the film.  My main problem with She’s Funny That Way’s interwoven storyline is that it doesn’t feel natural, may of the characters are unnecessary and are just placed in specific scenarios to accommodate and further along the plot, especially Aniston’s character which is simply ridiculous. The lurking old men in the shadows are unnecessary and Poots’s parents are as well, but for some odd reason  still enjoyed She’s Funny That Way, maybe its all the cool cameos sprinkled throughout the film that caught my attention, some dialogue’s really good, the rest is at a meh level, and in order to complete this review I must rank She’s Funny That Way at a 63 out of 100 because like Sex Ed, I still liked it for some weird reason.

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