Adventureland Review

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 12.03.40 PM   My definition of meh is depicted with Adventureland, what I consider to be an uneven piece of work that starts off really slow and boring, but then the last forty minutes are mostly pretty good except for some bumps it hits now and then. So, Adventureland feels like a moovie that wants to be fun but its constantly submitted by an overbearing pallor. The bleak tone they went for is precisely what I believe has damaged the quality of what could’ve been a really good film; however, the bleak tone helps the finale, so if you’d make the film have a more fun vibe at the beginning then we’d have a weird ending, but then the tone they decided to go for hurts the film’s beginning even though it benefits its ending. Its really weird, the problem is the direction, you need someone who can blend tones together such as Wes Anderson with The Grand Budapest Hotel or Reitman and Juno, but we don’t have any of these guys directing this film, which places it in a really odd place, where its bad and good at eh same time in a non-guilty pleasure way. Then the acting’s ok, but not great, the scenes with Stewart and Eisenberg are great, and its always cool to see Martin Starr star in a movie, but the rest of the cast is very underused, and then when they try to explain the other characters it just feels awkward. In the end Adventureland is odd, it needs refining, but then the last section is pretty good, therefore I rank it at a 50 out of 100.

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