Everest Review

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 10.26.38 PM
   Everest, an unpredictable ride among courageous mad folk. In case you didn’t know, Everest tells the story of mountain-climbing group that is caught in a most calamitous event. Led by solid performances and well written dialogue, Everest is an astounding looking good movie. Why isn’t great, what are its issues? Two main things: it feels slow and long and times, and the whole Josh Brolin storyline towards the end feels rushed and tonally odd. Aside from that, Everest is a cheerful film at the beginning with sweet character development and interesting information that takes a left-turn into depression lane and becomes a sad emotional drama. Much like Lone Survivor, Everest is another survival story that you’ll be left thinking about for some time, a true depiction of insanity, and inspiring film that gently descends into a dark abyss. As I mentioned before, this film is really well cat by Fiona Weir and has some really good performances by Jason Clarke, Gyllenhaal who always lights up a scene, and Sam Worthington who really surprised me. In the end, I enjoyed watching this insane survival, cool-looking film (especially the scenes with the flimsy ladders), and therefore rank it with a solid 80 out of 100.

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