There Will Be Blood Review

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 10.51.58 AM

There Will Be Blood is PTA’s Gilded Ages epic about an oil-crazed man (Daniel-Day Lewis) gradually increases insanity. It might not be my personal favorite of decade, but I do contend There Will Be Blood to be the best film of the 2000’s. Everything about this film is meticulously crafted into the practically perfect film we get to experience. From second one, we’re magnetized to the screen by Elswit’s incredible cinematography accompanied by Greenwood’s resounding score. Then we’re presented to Daniel Plainview, a man searching for fortune, as always Daniel-Day Lewis completely transforms and perfectly embodies his character under PTA’s masterful direction, of course, resulting in a Best Actor Oscar and a great anti-hero to take us through this story, with a cunning wit and constantly on the verge of unleashing his contained insanity, Daniel Plainview is the perfect character to take us on this journey. Then something that really surprised me is how wonderful Dillon Freasier’s child performance is, conveying such emotion through such a damaged child, Freasier delivers a great child performance. And then we have one of the most underrated actors right now delivering an under-appreciated performance, Paul Dano as Eli Sunday is amazing, with barely any preparation for the role, Paul Dano hits it out of the park. The performances throughout the film are resonant and perfectly deliver the film’s emotional vibe and with an astonishing conclusion that plays out like its own great short-film, There Will Be Blood is a fantastic film everyone should watch, a 97 out of 100.

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