Scary Movie Review

Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 10.55.59 AM  From talking about great comedies we go to this pile of garbage that enforced racial stereotypes, tried to imitate Wes Craven’s meta humor but tremendously, and paved way for all the reviled parody films of our times. A wannabe spoof film gone horribly wrong, mistaking comedy with referencing popular things and trying to make fun of it even though it never hits, Scary Movie is not scary, not really funny, and an atrocity to the spoof film genre. Sure, its better than it successors, but that discount how bad it really is. Trying to pull from Wes Craven’s incredible style, Scary Movie fails miserably and instead delivers us with a film we might like at the age of 10 due to its ridiculousness, but nowadays it’s not as funny as it used be because I matured and because t simply doesn’t hold up. I want to keep this short in order to recommend better films for you to watch, so to end this I rate Scary Movie at a 38  out of 100.

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