Heartbeats Review

Screen Shot 2015-09-12 at 10.28.22 PM
Coming off I killed My Mother, Heartbeats is a much more light-hearted, easy-going film, Dolan’s attempt at making a romantic comedy. But then again, Dolan is such an intelligent and incredible director that what might seem like a simple love-triangle based film for many actually is layered, relevant, and very mundane film that many people are missing out on. Sure it might seem a bit repetitive at times, but once you actually examine the emotions portrayed by  each of the characters under a new light (quite literally), you actually notice how damaging these effects are on each of the characters. Another complaint I would have would be how even though it perfectly nailed the typical awkwardness between the characters, Dolan decided to go overboard and do a bunch of close-ups on nail-biting or fidgety fingers which made me feel like they thought I wasn’t getting even though I certainly was. Then the pacing is a bit off sometimes, but my last complaint is the ending, it was perfectly set up for an incredible finale, but it decided to kept on going which led to another good ending-spot, but no, Dolan kept going and decided to go with the typical ok-ending from like every rom-com ever. Though, in the end, Heartbeats is an extremely truthful, funny film that like most films has some defects, but in the end it terrific direction and acting help it overcome those issues, stabilizing it at a 72 out of 100.

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