Sinister 2 Review

Screen Shot 2015-09-06 at 8.56.50 PM  Before I do my Wes Craven tribute, speaking of horror films, I must avert people from watching Sinister 2, avoid it at all costs, if you’re a horror fan go watch Goodnight Mommy or something, but whatever you do, do not waste your time on this garbage. As I just mentioned Sinister 2 is horrible, it laughably bad, so unless you have morbid curiosity and like to watch bad films, then go watch whatever this is. Sure, its supposed to be a horror film, but its never scary, some might say the kill films are better, but then again they serve no purpose and are just grotesque for the sake of shock value. I don’t want to even spend time on how poorly acted this film is because it’s not even worth talking about, especially the kids, they’re horrible in this film. Then, the super scary Baghoul who looks like The Crow’s older brother who never accomplished anything with his life; anyways, Baghoul isn’t scary and doesn’t do anything. And then like most “horror” films nowadays, it follows the formulaic fake jump-scare method, but the sad thing is the only purpose they have is keeping you awake with the loud noises that accompany them, they can’t even make me lurch in my seat because this film is a failure. Sure, the beginning and the end sequence look good, there are your pros. In the end, Sinister 2 is a failure and rightfully deserves a 15 out of 100.

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