Inglorious Basterds Review

Screen Shot 2015-09-06 at 10.37.46 PM   As I was dining and surfing channels I came upon the grand Inglorious Basterds, and I watched the finale as I was having dinner. And then with the recent release of reviews for Fassbender’s Steve Jobs, I decided it would be perfect to review Inglorious Basterds right now. Still a bit mad about Sinister 2, I now present my Inglorious BasterdsInglorious Basterds is the greatest historical fiction film to come out in the last seven years. Written and directed by Tarantino, from moment one you’re sucked into this film as he builds up tension so perfectly during the first scene, but its not just that, this film also gave us the Tarantino and Waltz duo that works so brilliantly, especially in Inglorious Basterds where even though everyone gives an A-level performance, Waltz still manages to outshine everybody in it. As I said everyone brings their A-game to this film, combining these extremely tense and dramatic scenes with such great comedic flavor, even Eli Roth is great in it, and I didn’t even know the guy could act. So of course the acting is great in Tarantino film, but like in any Tarantino film, the dialogue is even better. As I mentioned before this WWII historical fiction film about the assassination of Hitler is hilarious, from anything Hans Landa says to anything Lt. Raine says keeps you entertained the whole way. Then there’s the violence like in any Tarantino film, but in Inglorious Basterds the ultra-violence works and feels necessary, its so integral to what Raine and his men are doing, therefore it never takes you out of the film, it perfectly controlled blood-spattering. Ok, so stellar cast and performances, beautiful looking, original, violent, memorable script, it appears this film is already great, but then you add cameos from Mike Myers and B.J. Novak, the film gets even better. In the end, Inglorious Basterds is a hilarious yet brilliant war film  that everyone would watch if they’re having a bad day or are simply bored, with a practically perfect everything, Inglorious Basterds gets a 93 out of 100.

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