Labyrinth Review

Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 11.04.13 AM    Labyrinth, one odd mess of greatness marred by its own oddness. As any of Henson’s films, Labyrinth also is visually stunning, the detail that goes into creating these characters is insane, leaving us with gorgeous character design that we immediately are attracted to simply because of their strange beauty. All of Connelly’s companions are great, especially Ludo and my personal favorite, Didymus. But it’s not just the way the characters looked that fascinated me, the personality and  background Henson injected into each character makes everyone even cooler than they already look, such as Ludo who can communicate to rocks, which leads us to an awesome war between rocks and goblins, its insane.  Now the humans, well Toby’s a baby, therefore he only cries and crawls around, Connelly is actually really good, except that the whole relationship between her and her little goblin friend is weird, and last but not least David Bowie, who starts off pretty bad, but as the film progresses you begin to believe him even as Jareth the Goblin King. Now why is this film not as good as Henson’s other work, its the singing, the songs are great and sang by Bowie, but the just aren’t necessary except for the one at the end during the trippy staircase sequence, they also just make the movie so much longer then it should be. Then the beating you ever the head with its messages is annoying, dated special effects (the owls), and lastly the fart jokes which are extremely childish. So, in the end, Labyrinth is a creative kid’s film that gave us the Bowie bulge another awesome Henson realm, and a film that deserves a 72 out of 100.

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