The Dark Crystal Review

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 6.43.41 PM The Dark Crystal is a cute film full of surprising twists and some truly dark moments. Directed by the legendary Frank Oz and Jim Henson, The Dark Crystal is spectacularly designed, imaginative, and a film that immerses you into this world’s fascinating myhtos. With no human characters and pure puppetry/animatronics, Oz and Henson are able to pull off a wonderful, underrated, hero’s journey that I hope we get to see again sometime in the future. But what truly elevates is its wonderful characters powered by great voice acting and beautiful character design, honestly the Podlings are some of the cutest character ever put to screen. As I mentioned before, the grand creative scope of this film also adds a lot of flavor to the film, maybe sometimes it feels a bit heavy with exposition, but as you uncover the beautiful lore of this world via the plants and creatures that inhabit it, you’re instantly awed and by the end of it, you implore that you’ll hopefully be able to re-visit the land of The Dark Crystal. In the end, The Dark Crystal is strange, dark kids’ film that feels a tad dated at times, but due to how brilliantly it pulled off fantasy, it deserves an 80 out of 100, a fantastic film that would never get made nowadays.

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