Hot Girls Wanted Review

Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 10.13.41 PM
Personally I was not a fan of this film, if i were to describe it, it’d describe it as a lost opportunity to create a truly compelling documentary such as Blackfish, but no, instead Hot Girls Wanted feels like a malformed hybrid between a failed MTV reality show and an infomercial. Sure, it presents a unique look into the porn industry, it shows its actually a really intricate business, but what it really showcases is how depraved our society is, showcasing that the most searched videos are those of teen abuse, maybe thats what angered me and deviated my concentration on the film, but still, the fact that you’re peering into the lives of these wannabe porn stars just really got under my skin and felt really creepy and uncomfortable. Then all the scenes with the families felt really odd, plus they were so short they never entirely affected me as a viewer. In the end, Hot Girls Wanted isn’t my cup of tea, it presented really jaw-breaking information, but it was portrayed in such a poor manner I shall end up rating this film a 52 out of 100.

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