Cronos Review

Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 10.51.22 AM  Del Toro’s debut film, Cronos is a fun throwback to the olden vampire films with a nice little spin on it, and like Edgerton’s small debut film that came out this year about how a small mistake can change the whole outcome of your life, Cronos also explores that very subject. But Cronos is much more than just another directorial debut, it is a gory, smart story that proves to be a refreshing take on the vampire genre. But why is this film so entertaining? Its because of the great acting on everybody’s behalf, except maybe Ron Perlman that sometimes seems feels like an overblown villain, but it works for the story and it gives Luppi even more epic moments, finalizing my thoughts on Perlman, I must talk about Federico Luppi and how amazing he is as this film’s protagonist, he just hits it out of the park.  I almost forgot to mention how great the bond between Luppi and Aurora is, and how even though Aurora just seems like a cute little child, she actually proves resourceful and a cool character as well. In the end, Cronos is an unconventional Christmas film, but an excellent Guillermo Del Toro film, an 85 out of 100.

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