The Killing Review

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 7.30.17 PM

The Killing is incredible, one of the best heist films and a huge influence for many films that followed it. Kubrick’s choice of using an anachronic story-telling method is genius for a heist film, by following everyone’s perspective we really understand how each member of the crew is vital for the operation to work properly. But to pull the film off you need perfect pacing and editing, which is handled with such finesse and care the story is able to move along properly, giving us a brilliant work of cinema. As I said the story is handled marvelously, but what adds the most flavor to The Killing are its rich characters, each one has a clear motivation for doing what he’s doing, the conversations between characters are really good,the script for this film is just incredible, the way it twists and turns is completely unexpected. I love this film, but before I finish my review I must state my feelings about the awesome bar fight that takes place in this film, unrealistic  and very choreographed, yes, but who cares, it is incredible, thats it. In conclusion The Killing is an intelligent, fun, yet intense film that will receive a 95 out of 100 rating from me.

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