The Double Review

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 11.40.44 PM  With the release of American Ultra this weekend, I have decided to review a film staring Jesse Eisenberg that also shares the title of a bad film that Topher Grace  also starred in. Ayoade’s the double is beautiful film set in a bleak, dystopian, nightmarish society. From the first scene in this film the tone is marked perfectly, an eerie, lonely futuristic city that also looks and feels gorgeus, yet haunted. But enough about the look of the film, of course Ayoade does a great job directing, but what this film truly demonstrates is that Eisenberg can act. Eisenberg once again shows he can play the soft-speaking awkward version of himself, but this film proves he can also play a mean ladies-man, but it isn’t only Eisenberg who shines, Wasikowska, Wasikowska just proves how great she is once again, and hopefully we get to see more of her talent in fore-coming years, because she is mesmerizing on screen, even though she’s playing a distant yet desired character by our protagonist, meaning he doesn’t spend that much time with her, she still manages to add such a personality to her character, Ayoade probably helped, but still, with this, Jane Eyre, Tracks, among other projects, she’s just great. In summation, The Double is a story of doomed place where glimpses of beauty are finally arising, and you are being taken through whilst being confronted with the nastiness of the civilization as well, yet it’s done in a soothing way that takes you into an incredible conclusion to the story, ranking this film at an 83 out of 100.

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