The Raid: Redemption Review

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 6.00.45 PM
     The Raid: Redemption, definitely a cool movie. But before I actually review this film, I feel like I must stress my feelings about the title, why is the word redemption included in it, why can’t it just be called the raid, when does the redemption take place? did I miss it, obviously not a big problem, but just something that bugs me. Now that I’m done questioning the film’s title, I must continue be speaking about the high-octane adrenaline steered action film that is The Raid….Redemption. Even though we’ve seen the work your way up to the top and kill the bad guy film before, trust me if you haven’t seen The Raid, or maybe Dredd, you’ve never seen it in such a cool, styilized fashion as it is done with The Raid. Every single action sequence in this film is captivating, incredibly executed, and simply on a whole different level when compared to any other action film out there. Now, the action is mind-blowing, but the story, as I said before, you’ve probably seen it before, and if it weren’t for the insane action you’d probably walk away, luckily it does have the action and some cool characters that redeem the film, which brings us back to why the word redemption was most likely used in the title. Okay, now back to the cool characters, especially Jaka and the protagonist, who even though you now is a martial arts master, like probably everyone in this film, you still feel he’s a vulnerable human being, someone who can actually die, what? Yes, the protagonist is handled well, some other characters are also done well, and some are put in there because apparently you need them if you’re writing an action film. Now, in conclusion, I like The Raid: Redemption, I’ll rate it at a 74 out of 100, watch it.


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