Insidious Review

Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 10.07.18 PM
    Insidious is a film that is honestly really boring, tries to be bleak and dramatic at times, but it just doesn’t work, not until it finally delves into the realm of the supernatural and showcases what Wan can do with the horror genre. Once the film finally enters this horrifying dimension created by Wan, it finally becomes scary, the atmosphere changes into a much more chilling one, and the movie becomes good until once again at the end it commits the mistake of deciding to become a sequel set up. The first hour of this movie is a bleak and slow, boring movie until the supernatural is introduced into the story, the film becomes good, becomes creepy, has meaningful jump scares, and then decides to become set up, but because of the immersion into Wan’s horror dimension is so good, this film is watchable and gets rated at an 62 out of 100.

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