They Live Review

Screen Shot 2015-08-09 at 1.40.23 AM   In memory of the late Rody Piper, I must review They Live. They Live is John Carpenter’s sci-fi conspiracy thriller about a race of aliens who have slowly and secretly overcome the world while in disguise, a disguise that can only be uncovered by pairs of glasses that allow you to see the reality of how things are. They Live inspired many artists in various distinct art forms, helped you understand how marketing strategies will end up affecting you, meanwhile also representing the people’s fear of the future and the new decade. Aside from Carpenter’s great direction, They Live is carried upon the shoulders of Rowdy Rody Piper who demonstrates he can act in a film like such, entertaining us as always, helping David develop an epic fight scene between him and Keith David, and delivering one great one liner after another. In the end They Live is a really smart and fun movie, an 82 out of 100, a terrific film that will help us remember entertaining geniuses, legends of the past.

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