Southpaw Review

        Southpaw is not a bad movie, but it isn’t a good movie, instead it kind of hangs around some weird place with other movies that were just one step away from its promissory greatness. Southpaw’s biggest problem is its really weird pacing and decisions Fuqua took regarding the time he should’ve have taken with certain scenes so the film could have a perfect flowing motion instead of trying to make scenes work together when they clearly don’t belong together like that. Even thug Fuqua messed up the pacing, he was able to get spectacular performances from everyone involved, especially Jake Gyllenhaal who completely transforms into Billy Hope. But its not just Gyllenhaal who shows greatness, Forest Whitaker shows he’s still got it, Oona Laurence  proves herself as a tremendous child actress, and even 50 Cent is good. Southpaw gets a 60 out of 100, held down by its awkward pacing, but kept above failing mark thanks to brilliant execution of the final act, well-shot boxing matches, and superb acting from everyone, especially Gyllenhaal who proves himself once more as a man who can do anything and on his way to become one of the greats.
Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 10.24.38 PM

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