Enemy Review

       Enemy pairs up to of the greatest people working in the film industry today, Denis Villeneuve and the transforming man himself, Jake Gyllenhaal.  Enemy tells the tale of a man who encounters his “dopplegänger” and everything that follows after their encounter. Enemy is truly mind-bending and intelligent, proving the greatness of both the director and Gyllenhaal’s understanding, making us look forward to Villeneuve’s next sci-fi project, Blade Runner. In conclusion, even though it has its odd segments here and now, Enemy is a strange movie, but it is a weird film with intellect that can reinforce its oddity, transforming it from another pointless science-fiction movie, to a brilliant and new sci-fi indie film, ranking it as an 78 out of 100, something grand and quite different.Screen Shot 2015-07-25 at 12.39.11 PM

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